new leaf new light new words stay tuned

_ACI4810.jpgwhy share? tell me why.

shut down. shut down, close in, rip open. say sorry. feel in. emote. express. and stop. let it all go. do it again. repeat. repeat. repeat after me. you will never know so i will stop trying to explain.

get acquainted with my architecture.

i’m banging on the walls. i’m tired but my form is electrified. the air presses on my skin: a constant question. a constant seduction. fine. take me. do what you will. le petit mort. shatter the boundaries of this room. be a superhero. hulk open your container.

the flesh is an illusion to supersede. stop believing it. force your breath into peace. take more for yourself. no. relax. relax into mediocrity. this is where goals are attained.

do not make me a star in your eyes. let me settle into the ground further. i’m taking my time to spread roots far and nourish from below, rather than ask you to reach towards the prisms that bounce off my enthusiasm.

i like my words figuratively terrestrial. the feeling of feet on the ground. some enjoy the flats. the open expanses, the nothingness in distance, in spaciousness. some like the stairs and the sweat. the effort. the reward. the knowledge. others like the winding path. the lesser known. the variety. the deep woods.

live through these terranean desires. rest in nothing. know your worth. swim in the depths. taste variety.

each land asks a cost of your heart. and you are complicit in leaving a piece of yourself there. complicit in what you let go of, what you give, what you receive.

open up your backspace and release the assumption of a linear topography. become the bewildered cat for a time. wonder, then, becomes a form of recalibration…..


i embarked on a formal mentorship (city of vancouver) with karen jamieson dance last year:

community engaged dance, choreography, energy-based dance practice

you can read about it here:

vandocument is a radical new local arts documentation movement

in 2013, i was the first contributor to join founder ash tanasiychuk

here’s some of my musings on local art events: